Friday, December 29, 2006

Why I quit going to church

There were many different contributing factors to my inactivity. The three main reasons could be labeled bi-polar tendencies, moving and unworthiness.

I was in a relationship with an atheist during the time leading to my inactivity. (I am now married to him.) I was happy all week long, and then I went to church on Sunday. During church, I would feel guilty about my relationship and I would come home on Sunday and try to break up with him. This went on for several months, up until I stopped going.

Then I moved. I met with my new Bishop one Sunday while I was in transition. I felt like he didn't want to know me and brushed me off. When I finalized my move, I had no desire to attend a new congregation, especially since I was just combating negative feelings associated with church attendance. Then I moved in with my boyfriend, and I knew if I did go back to church, I'd get kicked out. So I didn't go back.

Now I'm married. I'm not as bi-polar and I don't feel as unworthy. But I don't have the religion thing figured out anymore. Did I stop believing in order to justify my actions over the past few years, or is there more to it?

I had some doctrinal issues before I stopped going to church. I had serious cultural issues before I stopped going as well.

Basic Beliefs

I stopped going to church in April 2003. For three years, I hid from religion. Recently I took my head out of the sand and started examining my views. This blog is a part my examination process.

I believe in God. I believe in a Creator who used intelligent design to form the world and universe. Deity organized matter and the laws which govern it.

I believe humans make their own choices. As such, God is not responsible for wars or the atrocities caused by humans. While God may influence people, Deity does not make choices for them. Furthermore, I believe people are all born good and perfect.

I believe most religions have elements of truth. However no religion has a monopoly on truth.

I believe that there were many good people through out history that introduced religion that made the world a better place. Jesus, Mohammad, and Buddha fall into this category.

I believe that doing good to others is what makes a person good.